Fitting it all in…training to a schedule

I am very fortunate to work as a freelance training developer and editor, and a part-time one at that. I set my own schedule, so I can pretty much train any time I want between the hours of 7:45am and 2:30pm, which is when my sons are in school. Outside of these hours I do a couple of workouts with my coach: one weekday evening swim and one 6am track workout, but other than on weekends, I do my training during school hours so as not to interfere too much with family time. This way, we all keep our sanity. 😉

However, having oodles of time to train does present the dangerous opportunity to procrastinate, and put off the workout until later. I have learned the hard way that this doesn’t always work: a call from a client, a call from school, and my workout could be history. So as much as possible I try to get the workout over and done with first thing. Here’s how my training week looks:

Monday: bike, (yoga), swim
Tuesday: strength, tempo run
Wednesday: track workout, swim
Thursday: bike (run)
Friday: yoga (bike)
Saturday: long run
Sunday: off (run) (bike)

The workouts in parentheses are those I do if I missed that workout on another day. So if I miss Thursday bike, for example, I do it on Friday, if I miss Saturday run I do it on Sunday.

Yes, I only run three days a week. There are a couple of reasons for this. I follow the training plan known as “First” from the Furman Institute. The plan only works if you incorporate cross-training, and we’re not talking 15 mins on the elliptical here; the cross-training has to comprise significant time and effort to replace an easy run. As a triathlete this works for me because I bike and swim anyway.

It has been suggested to me that 3 days/week of running may not be enough for marathon/ultra distance training. I guess I’ll find out. 😉 I do know that it worked very well for my half-marathon training – I knocked 6 minutes off my previous PR when I trained for the Philadelphia Half Marathon with the First plan. So we’ll see.


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