Sleeping and Eating

There’s a neat feature in WordPress that tells me the most popular search terms that got people to my blog. They all have the word “pee” in them. Apparently my blog is a top resource on how to pee – while running or otherwise. What can I say? I am an authority on the matter.

Next topic…

Continuing on the theme of preparing well for race day, I decided I should try to get more sleep. Generally I go to bed around 11 and get up at 6:40, but the week before a marathon I know I really should try to get at least 8 hrs sleep a night. Plus, the alarm has been kicking my butt in the morning and I actually fell asleep twice during the day yesterday, so I took that as a not-so-subtle sign I should go to bed earlier.

Last night I went to bed at 10. At 11 I was still awake. So much for going to bed earlier, I thought. Then I started thinking about all the things I could have done in that hour, like e-mail friends and buy crap online. Eventually I did fall asleep but it was my worst night of sleep ever so I am not going to try that again. I’ll just keep falling asleep in the afternoon, usually while “helping” with homework (“I’ll be right over here on the couch if you need me…”) or “cooking” (crock pots are so useful…).

Update on the nutrition front: it’s going well. This week I’ve been eating pasta, tofu, quinoa, salad, bread, pears, blueberries, cereal, etc. I may have eaten a couple of peppermint patties yesterday; we can’t all be without vices.

Cherry banana smoothie

Smoothie of champions...ha ha ha

I made the most delicious smoothie this morning. Sorry none of you got to try it. đŸ˜‰ It was actually very simple – just frozen cherries (good anti-inflammatory source), bananas (potassium), soy protein (muscle repair) and ice. Someone asked for my smoothie recipes. I don’t have recipes, I just throw in what I have, but here’s a list of other stuff I might put in a smoothie:

– Avocado
– Frozen strawberries
– Blueberries
– Wheat germ
– Frozen pineapple

Well, it’s about time to fetch the kids/nap so off I go…

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


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5 Responses to Sleeping and Eating

  1. Beth says:

    I’m having trouble getting to sleep earlier too, but I think part of that is the time change. Maybe next week will be better?

    Ooh, I like to make chocolate cherry smoothies with just chocolate protein powder, frozen cherries and milk. Delicious!

  2. racingtales says:

    Beth, I’m going to try that smoothie – sounds delicious and would probably take care of my chocolate needs!

  3. lester says:

    hey Alison, where you get the Soy protein and what wheat germ do for you? …good to no the beauty of cherrys and see you in Shamrock!!

  4. lester says:

    I meant ” good to know”

  5. Rose says:

    I use Frozen Strawberries, orange juice, banana and baby spinach if you can get over the green it taste great. I great place to get soy protein powder is Trader Joes by the way.

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