Time to Extract Butt from Couch…

Let’s take a look at the schedule for tomorrow: 15 mile run. Whaaaaa? But I just ran a marathon! Oh, that’s right….it was a training run. And I’m still training. For a 50K. Well, at least I’m well rested.

Tuesday my coach texted me to remind me where we were meeting for strength training. “Not coming,” I replied. “Moving will make you feel better,” was the response. Considering that I had just walked my kids to school on legs that still didn’t want to bend and had progressed from backwards to sideways staircase descending, I thought I was doing pretty darn well. But lift weights? No, not gonna happen. Heck, I was still having to hold onto the toilet seat to get on and off that. No way I was planning on doing any squats or lunges.

“I am moving but thanks for the advice because I was going to sit on the couch all week and eat chocolate,” I texted back. I have to admit, I have been sitting on the couch, and I have eaten a lot of cookies this week. And I’ve had ice cream twice! Yes, I am treating myself a little after all that deprivation and excessive lentil-consumption.  

Anyway, it’s not as if I spent the whole week on the couch, for goodness-sake! I swam 3000m on Wednesday, although I had absolutely no zip. I found a little speed at the very end of the last speed set, but I think that was mostly because I really needed to pee. Thursday I rode on the trainer for 30 minutes and totally sucked wind the entire time. I felt like I was riding someone else’s bike. Everything felt odd and uncomfortable and my cadence was somewhere in the 70s. I have a duathlon in a couple of weeks and this ride felt so bad I started thinking about bagging it.

Friday I went to my usual Power Yoga class with a slight twinge of dread. This is a hard class on a good day. Was I gonna make it? Or would I crumple in a withering heap while attempting bound triangle? I’ve seen it happen. Actually, I think I did pretty well. My quads seem to have recovered and, since I haven’t really done much all week, everything else feels pretty good! No shaky arms after the 50th chaturanga, no faltering through crow, to tripod, to headstand. I did it all!

Then I went to Five Guys and had a cheeseburger and fries. After all, I’m running 15 miles tomorrow. 🙂


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One Response to Time to Extract Butt from Couch…

  1. lester says:

    lucky you, I can gain 10 pnds realy easy in the way you treating your self so I have to watch what I’m eating specialy now when I’m not burning too many calories. I did Yoga with Renee last monday, 35 miles recovery ride (easy) and swam twice this week, beside sauna . no running ,my achiles tendon is still inflamated and planing not to run or ride for 2 weeks!

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