A Punch in the Ear

Sunday morning I woke up feeling as if someone had punched me in the ear. I checked with my husband and he denied it, kids were still sleeping and probably did not run in my room, punch my ear, and leave. The only pets we have are fish and hermit crabs so most likely wasn’t one of them. I took some ibuprofen and waited for the horrendous throbbing pain to go away. Pain finally receded but was back a few hours later. Dosed up with more ibuprofen and kept up that regimen all day. Horrendous pain woke me in the night and in the morning.

So after dropping the kids at school Monday (whoa, 31 degrees, that’s cold! We’re driving to school! When it was really winter I only drove if the temperature dropped below 25…) and sending an outline for a training course to my freelance-partner-in-crime, I headed to the Minute Clinic. I love the Minute Clinic. I have a regular doctor but I prefer not to have to call, wait on hold, schedule an appointment for which I have to show up early even though they make me wait, blah blah. The Minute Clinic is fab. Show up, check in, get seen. Except it’s Monday and I got there at 9:03 so there was a guy ahead of me. Crap.

I stared at diapers for 40 minutes. Hey, did you know they make “jeans” diapers now?! What, are these for parents who forget to put pants on their kids! Do people actually think these are jeans and not diapers? “Ah, Ma’am, I think your kid went potty in his jeans there.” Mother: “No problem, it’s a diaper AND a pair of jeans!” That’s just crazy.

But I didn’t mind waiting. Laura was on duty and she is by far my favorite Minute Clinic nurse. She is happy, upbeat, friendly, just a lovely person. She took my blood pressure. Then she took it again, this time with my arm on the desk…apparently the first reading, with my arm hanging down, was a little high. So was the second reading. 131/80. Oops. Then I admitted I’d been on a high-sodium diet for the past, uh, couple of weeks for my marathon. She suggested I might want to get off that sodium kick now the marathon’s over. Point taken.

Then she looked in my ear. Ouch. “Yeah, you have an ear infection.” Huh. Haven’t had one of those in a while. Like, since I was a kid. So I got some antibiotics and some nasal spray stuff, since the infection was most likely a result of all the fluid buildup from the congestion I have as a result of my freakin’ Spring allergies. Yes, I know it’s early for allergies. I’m lucky like that. One teeny bud pops up and my histamines go crazy.

Anyway, I’m not allowed to swim until it’s better so I get out of that workout. Yes, I am still slacking… While we’re on the subject, I downgraded Saturday’s run from 15 to 10 miles. Legs just didn’t have it. Actually, 10 (0r 10.5, as it turned out) turned out to be an achievement because I started thinking of bailing at about 3, and could have done so at 5. My IT bands were really tight and I went back and forth with my thoughts, such as “you don’t want to get injured” and “if you back off too much you’re gonna have to build back up,” so I kept going and the IT bands actually loosened up some. Still, glad I didn’t go further. Can’t push my luck all the time. Right, off to take some drugs. 😉


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3 Responses to A Punch in the Ear

  1. lester says:

    get well Alison!

  2. lester says:

    hey Alison , your PR’s are great! But I just believe that you can go under 20 min in your 5 k , How old is this record?

    • racingtales says:

      Lester, I’ve been getting faster with each 5K, so that PR is from December. I think it has taken me a while to get the nerve to run 5Ks hard enough. The tempo running, which I started doing last summer, has really helped. Before that I would run the first mile at around 7:00 and then back off because I was freaked out. I think I can go faster, although I’m not sure about sub-20! But thanks!

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