Queen of Freebies

My running friend Tim calls me the Discount Queen. He’ll comment on a new running outfit and I’ll say, “I got this shirt with a gift certificate, the pants were 50% off, my shoes were free from Brooks…etc. etc.” He laughs because he knows I never pay full price for anything. When Groupon came along I was in heaven.

Last week I promoted my status to “Freebie Queen” because I scored not one but TWO free items! First of all my Sigvaris socks, which I won in a Facebook contest, arrived on Monday. I put them on right away and finally took them off Friday morning. Except for when I was swimming, biking, or showering, I wore them all the time. Yes that’s kinda gross but they were doing amazing things for my recovery and I didn’t want to take them off. 5 days after running a marathon and my legs were feeling great.

Alison running at Burke Lake
NB Minimus photo contest winner!

So then I got an e-mail from New Balance telling me I had won a pair of their new Minimus shoes in another Facebook contest! I had uploaded a picture of myself (see above) in which I’m wearing my Five Finger Bikilas. Even though only a teeny part of the heel of the Bikila was showing, I pointed out that my calf muscle looks amazing from wearing minimalist shoes, and they liked it!

So now I’m on a mission to see if I can get completely decked out for free this year. Hopefully this will work or I will be running naked. 😉


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9 Responses to Queen of Freebies

  1. Brian Peterson says:

    You are lucky getting those Minimus’s for free, they seem awesome! I’ve been rocking the Merrell Trail Gloves, did over 100 miles on them last week, including a wispy half marathon to snag an auto qualification for NYC Marathon. Going to start using them more sparingly though, been bruising my feet up like crazy! Doing my first ultra in Sept: 50 miles here in CO in Steamboat Springs. Seen your boy Anton twice around Boulder, once up on Bear Mountain, and another time in the store, yet to approach him though. Might be making an SRRC appearance in June, Deanna is definitely heading home to visit her fam, just depends if I can afford to go too. If your running ever needs motivation, make a quick trip to Boulder! Trail running is another level here! Running has never been so much fun!

    • racingtales says:

      Hey Brian – good to hear from you! Yes, I am very psyched to get a free pair of the Minimus…we did a club New Balance event where I got to try them, and I love how they feel!

      Congrats on the NYC qual…gonna do it this year? A few club members (Adam, Siva, Tim, Bridget) have entered the lottery. I have to decide whether to use my qualifier. Not knowing if they’ll get in makes it hard.

      You’ve seen my idol and haven’t approached him??!! I want an autograph next time. 😉 We’d love to see you in June if you can make it. I really want to visit Boulder. Fitness bloggers conference is being held there in June and I’d love to go, but think I have too much going on (Iceland in May, Philly in July), and why are flights so darn expensive? I can fly to London for less! Would LOVE to check out the trail running scene though.

      Stay in touch!

  2. lester says:

    uuummmm so you are not that rich!!?? it’s why you always wearing a diferent pair of shoes every time I see you!!
    how you get into facebook freebies? but don’t worry about the competition ,even if you tell me, with my kind of luck , the only way that I can win something , is if they given away “Crap”

  3. lester says:

    by the way ,I’m not going to Strasburg’s du . I want to rest my Achilees tendon for 3 weeks. I did a realy short spint in Mannasas yesterday ,I felt ok, but I just don’t want to take chances!!

  4. That is great! I wish I had the time and/or knowledge to look into getting discounts and freebies. You should publish a “how to” guide.

  5. If you are the queen, then I am the princess and since I know that fellow freebie lovers love it when others find great deals/get things for free I will share my wins from last week – haha. I won a Ryders Sunglasses facebook contest by saying how I would get the snakes out of my life on St Patricks Day, then on http://www.runnersrambles.com I won her Sony Walkman giveaway and then not a couple of days later I won a free heated yoga mat valued at over $200. My husband pretty much thinks I’m nuts…he was excited though when the walkman arrived – so he won’t complain about my thrifty freebie ways anymore!

    • racingtales says:

      Nice freebies! I’ve never heard of a heated yoga mat! Last year I got a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses from Run Washington just for suggesting an article – they are my fave sunglasses for running and biking. Here’s to more contest winning!

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