On Losing the Guilt and Not Getting Lost

I have my fingers in too many pies and, as a result, spend far too much time feeling guilty. When I’m running with my running club, I feel bad that I’m missing whatever workout my tri group is doing. When I’m with the tri group, I feel like I’m cheating on my running club. I bounce back and forth between the two like some sort of adulterous athlete, trying to find the perfect balance and wishing I could be in two (actually three, because I’m not home, either) places at once.

This weekend I finally found that balance. On Saturday morning I ran with the running club. I certainly wasn’t going to miss post-run waffles at the home of two of our members! I planned to run 10 miles but the others were running 8 so I split the difference and tacked on one extra mile. I was worried all the waffles would be gone if I stayed out any longer. Hey, nutrition is important. Look at all that fruit and fiber.


That is not a zit on my head it's a light reflection...

Saturday afternoon was my tri club’s bike time trial and I was all set with my shiny new B2. Then it started raining.

Me on B2


Then it stopped and we set off to ride as many 7-mile loops as possible in 1 hour. I was doing well and having a grand old time passing people (helps when you have issues clipping in and start at the back) and felt strong on the uphills and fast on the downs. Then my freaking bike broke.

I was having issues with something rubbing on the small ring already, and then something started rattling like crazy and I looked down to see a screw that holds the handlebars on had come loose. I stopped, checked it out, and rode back to the turnaround to get it looked at. Long story short, it couldn’t be tightened on the spot and I was done. I drowned my sorrows in a humungous hamburger cooked to rare perfection, and felt much better. I also ordered myself a “onesie” tri suit that I am probably going to be far too embarrassed ever to wear. These are the things I do when I’m hacked off.

Sunday I planned to do an easy run on Manassas Battlefield with my husband, but he was having cramping issues from a swim that morning and bike the day before. Or maybe he was looking for a way out since I’m notorious for getting people lost on the trails…

I thought I was going to have to go it alone but my coach and another tri group friend decided to join me. Guess they hadn’t heard about my penchant for recreating scenes from Blair Witch by leading people in circles. Anyway, I was sure to bring a map with me this time and I actually managed not to get lost, although I made a couple of “it’s probably this way…” decision points. The guys really enjoyed the run so I think I succeeded in showing them there are far, far better alternatives to supposed trails like the W&OD, aka trail of death.

For now, I am like frozen yogurt – guilt-free.

Oh, and a couple more things: there’s still time to enter the Stuffitts Giveaway! It ends April 14th. And who searches for “running shorts you can poop in”???? Really!


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8 Responses to On Losing the Guilt and Not Getting Lost

  1. sszibler says:

    Pie, humongous hamburger, waffles, frozen yogurt – instead of all this running and biking and swimming, could you just make me a recipe from Julia Child’s cookbook every day and blog about that . . . ?

  2. Beth says:

    Looks like you had an awesome running and eating weekend 🙂 I hope the bike thing was an easy fix!

    Better question: how did they find your site by looking for “running shorts you can poop in”?

  3. Dow says:

    It was a fun run and a little bit of an eye opener as far as trail running. Brian was talking to me about doing more runs out there.

  4. MZUNGU says:

    Before reading this, I was going to ask you if I could join you for one of your trail runs. Now I am scared.

    Perhaps I will lead you on one through River Bend Park. Yeah, I am a closet trail runner.

  5. Dow says:

    Sunday, we are talking about running from starbucks to Brians house. It is about 12 miles with maybe 5 on gravel. I can’t remember if you did it with us last time. I know Monique, Josh, and Jaimie did it.

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