If You Want it…Come and Get it

On the playlist for my track workout this morning: INXS, Talking Heads, and Cage the Elephant. Fast and loud. My cool-down song is the opposite: Babylon by David Gray. In this song is the line, If you want it/Come and get it, which I like to take completely out of the context of the song and use as my own personal mantra in racing. If I want it…I have to do what it takes to get it. How much do I want it? A whole lot.

In the spirit of doing what it takes to get what I want, yesterday I biked with some of the big dawgs in my tri group. I brought my fast bike with the race wheels on it. The guys kept trying to drop me like a sack of potatoes but I hung onto their wheels and once in a while I passed one of them and tried to make it look like a casual effort. Even when my quads started burning, my stomach became a knot, and my seat had transformed into a razor blade, I hung on.

And finally, for the first time ever, after 31 miles at an average of 19 miles an hour, my coach told me he was impressed. 🙂

Then I went for a swim. I decided this would be my last endurance workout before Capon Valley 50K on Saturday. It’s actually a little close to the race for an endurance workout – I maintain the intensity of my workouts but keep them short during the taper – but since the activities were biking and swimming rather than running, I figured it was OK. By the time the workout was over my arms felt like they were about to fall off.

This morning I did a short track workout. My legs felt heavy at first from last night’s bike but I managed 6 x 400m @ 1:26 – 1:28. High intensity, few reps for the week before a race.

Now all I have to do is run an easy 3-miler, relax, eat right, and sleep. And on Saturday morning, I plan to go and get it.


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3 Responses to If You Want it…Come and Get it

  1. Talking Heads are awesome! This must be the place (naive melody).

  2. Lisa McClellan says:

    Your incredible…can’t wait to hear how Saturday goes

  3. Lisa Rini says:

    Incredible, Alison! I know you are going to do amazing at the 50K. I can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂

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