Tomorrow I will be an Ultrarunner…

When I signed up for Capon Valley 50K several months ago, May 7th seemed a long way away. Almost as if it would never actually get here. While driving to the store today to get ice and DVDs for the trip, I realized that what I’ve been working towards for the last few months is tomorrow.

I am trying not to freak out. I may not be as prepared as I’d like – didn’t run enough hills, didn’t run longer than 3.5 hours – but I’m ready for the challenge and feel strong physically and mentally. I remember than on some of my early trail training runs the temps were in the teens and I needed a lot of mental strength just to get through the run, during which I would warm up and refreeze repeatedly. As I switched things up a little for Shamrock Marathon and started doing my long runs on the road at a faster pace, I felt an increase in my physical strength.

The past two weeks, every workout has been a success. I’ve been able to dig deep when necessary and feel strong throughout the workout. The other day, while swimming, I realized that I actually enjoy swim workouts now. This feels like an achievement after spending the last 2 years dreading them and forcing myself to do them. I finally feel strong and confident in the water.

So my bags are packed – including my Camelback with about 873 GUs in it, 2 pairs of trail shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, and 4 pairs of socks -and I just dined on pasta, a baked potato, and scrambled egg. Delicious. Wish I could eat that every day. Although my potato did partially explode in the oven so I would be doing a lot of oven-cleaning if I really did eat that every day. Plus I would look like a freaking potato.

My plan now is to get to Capon Springs and Farms resort this afternoon and put my feet up as much as possible. Tomorrow is going to be here before I know it.


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3 Responses to Tomorrow I will be an Ultrarunner…

  1. Chris - Daily Cadence says:

    WOW!!! 50K…that is awesome. Good luck tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing you recap.

  2. I’m doing my first ultra in Sept…Interested to hear about how it goes, is this your first ultra? Good Luck!


  3. Matt Smith says:

    Good Luck and race well!!!

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