Time for Some Ice

IcelandI like ice. I like it in my glass of water. I like it in the bath. I like it so much I’m going to a place with ice in its name. No, not Nice! Iceland!

This will be my second trip to Iceland but the first time I will actually venture further than Kevlavik airport, the first time I will stay longer than an hour, and the first time I will actually see Iceland. My layover in Iceland on a trip to London in 1996 was from 9 – 10 in the morning, but it was pitch black outside because it was December so I couldn’t actually see anything. I do recall that I kept myself very busy in duty-free.

I will probably do a little running in Iceland, in between whale watching, puffin spotting, volcano hiking, and possibly ice climbing. I find it’s a good way to see the sights in a short space of time. Don’t think I’ll be swimming, although I do plan to take a dip in a geothermal pool or two. Biking – nah. I’ve heard the roads are really bad. I’m mostly keeping the itinerary somewhat flexible, given that I’m going there to get away from schedules and pick-up times and deadlines for a few days.

I’ll be blogging at http://icelandin5days.wordpress.com/ so if you’re bored check it out.

First run today since the 50K. 6 miles. Felt good. Running on the road felt weird. I think it may take some getting used to again.


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One Response to Time for Some Ice

  1. Beth says:

    Have a great vacation! It should be beautiful there this time of year!

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