I Want it All…

This morning my yoga instructor came bounding into the room full of energy from her weekend at the Yoga Journal Yoga Retreat with (gasp!) Rodney Yee. I immediately thought, I want to go on a yoga retreat (with Rodney Yee, of course)! There are so many things I want to do that I don’t have the time/energy/resources to do them all, but I have such a hard time admitting to this.

I made a difficult decision last week. After getting sick yet again after a race, I decided I really need to dial things back and not enter so many races. So I threw out the triathlon I was planning to do June 5th, which would have been the day after the Wine Country Half Marathon that I’m running June 4th (double weekend, not a good idea!) and just a few days before the Twilight Four Miler I’m committed to on June 11th. I also finally admitted to myself that I can’t enter my home town triathlon (South Riding) because that’s on August 28th and I already have races planned August 14th and 21st and September 11th. I did sign up for Army Ten Miler, but that’s not until October 9th and is part of my commitment to Potomac River Running…at least that’s my excuse. 

This afternoon I was discussing finances with the treasurer of my running club (I’m president of South Riding Running Club) and he asked me, “So are you an Ultrarunner or a Triathlete now?” I replied, “Well, I’m trying to be both. In the Spring I’m a marathoner and ultrarunner and in the Summer I’m a triathlete and shorter distance runner…” As I said it I realized what a stretch it sounds.

I know I have to pick and choose. There are so many races I want to compete in and I can only do so many. But a little part of me wants it all. And I’m still thinking about the yoga conference…for next year.


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