Shewee Stage Fright and a Swollen Head

I know a lot of you thought I was joking when I posted about the Shewee. Seriously, I could not make up something like this. You give me too much credit. Anyway, I have an update on the Shewee: a friend who ran the London Marathon told me that all the ladies were given disposable Shewees to use prior to the race. Apparently, they are very popular. She didn’t use it because she hadn’t practiced using one and didn’t want to “mess up” in front of a lot of people.  So much pressure to use the Shewee correctly. In fact, Shewee’s site has an entire page of instructions on how to use it. I’m not a fan of instructions. Much easier to squat behind a tree, I say.

Does this help?

On a separate and completely unrelated note, a friend who will remain anonymous (By the way, Chris, I am going to take you down next time we race…I don’t care that you’re a guy and I’m not racing you…) suggested that my swim cap didn’t fit yesterday because my head is swollen… 😉


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