Reflections and Pictures

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my four years as president of South Riding Drinking Running Club, since my tenure will be over in August. We still have the reputation of being too fast for the average runner, based on comments we get, such as “you’re too fast for me!” or “I’ll join you when I get faster.” But after last weekend, when we were all too busy wine-tasting to even notice the awards ceremony, let alone realize that we had won the team award (there goes my attempt to convince people we’re not speedy!), I’m hoping that people realize we’re just a group of people that like to have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Speaking of  VA Wine Country Half Disaster Marathon, Brightroom published pictures Thursday. I always jump to the site right away because I like to see my terrible running form and decide if I made a good outfit choice. I am rarely aware of any camera on the course so don’t expect to see me smiling. Here I am running with my bodyguards:

My arm swing sucks. Totally inefficient. Shirtless dude was drafting off me for 12 miles, then overtook and beat me by 33 seconds. My team mate Bill (on the right, the one with the good arm swing) didn’t like him at all because he had noisy feet.

So halfway through the race I decided to change my outfit…and hair…and legs…

Someone at Brightroom isn’t paying attention. I think I need to get in touch with Bess here because she might like to see her pic, which I have now posted on Facebook. I looked her up, guessing her number was 69 while mine was 59. She’s 53 and she ran 1:47, placing first in her age group! Way to go, Bess! Sorry for all the rude comments…

And here I am at the finish. I don’t always do the arm thing but the crowds were spectacular, screaming my name and cheering me on, and I felt I ought to respond somehow. It’s amazing how freaking heavy your arms are at the end of a race.

I wore the skirt because it has a ton of pockets to hold GU, S-caps, and my credit card. Never know when you might want to shop during a race. I don’t think it’s all that attractive because it’s kinda baggy, but it has been tried and tested on the marathon and it worked great. It’s pretty lightweight and just has a shorts liner rather than those annoying boy shorts that creep up your legs.

Saturday I am running Twilight Four Miler in Ashburn. It will be my first race on the Potomac River Running Racing Team. I am hoping I don’t look too much of an idiot. There are some fast people on that team. I am not one of them. I’m sure when people see me wearing my PR race singlet they will think I stole it.


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4 Responses to Reflections and Pictures

  1. Karen Haddon says:

    great post, youre funny 🙂

  2. Lisa McClellan says:

    What is so great about you Allison is that you are so authentic and witty, you are this amazing athlete and tough as nails and yet you care about what outfit your wearing, so cool! Another thing that makes you real, that arm swing, who cares what it looks like when you are smoking everyone on the field…bring on the AG arm swing!

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