Complaining and Attention-Seeking

Don’t worry, I haven’t started a blog about my kids…or husband. No, the complainer and attention-seeker in question is none other than my stomach. I’ve often thought that running would be so much easier without a stomach, especially an attention-seeking, perpetually whining one such as mine.

My stomach complains very loudly the minute it starts feeling a little peckish, pushing me to the point of nausea if I don’t satisfy its needs right away. I have taken to carrying trail mix bars or crackers wherever I go to pacify it and keep it quiet. When I run, the attention-seeking starts. As the blood is diverted from my stomach to my legs, stomach suddenly decides it’s time to digest whatever I ate 2 hours ago, in a desperate attempt to gain some attention. And if I ate more recently than that, all hell breaks loose.

There’s also the nasty little reminders I get if I’m on an early morning run and ate late the night before. Stomach likes to sleep in and is not happy with the early starts, so will deliberately annoy me. Then, when I get home and try to eat something, stomach gets all stroppy, refusing to comply with my refueling plan.

This morning, stomach did not want to run track. I tempted its wrath by eating a Honey Stinger waffle before the workout, which I’ve never tried before. I also put an Orange Alert Camelbak tab in my water bottle, which is a bit fizzy. Stomach literally freaked out with the new food and the fizzy drink, and gave me a hard time for the entire workout. So pleasant.

Anyone else have a pesky stomach?


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12 Responses to Complaining and Attention-Seeking

  1. My stomach is very sensitive too. When I first moved to Boulder and started working again I got diarrhea every single run that was done after work. That is when I got honest with myself and decided there was a need for a diet change. I started eating vegan, which yea is rough at first BIG TIME, but my stomach has been soooo much better. I also stay away from sugar for the most part, but I do love my sugar and gotta give into the sugar cravings. I’m not saying vegan is the way to go, but America’s foods have all kinds of synthesized proteins and other chemicals added in that our stomachs aren’t equipped to digest. I was planning on posting a video about it on my website later today.


    • racingtales says:

      Don’t think I can do the vegan thing but I do try to eat natural foods and buy local, hormone-free, grass-fed meat. Perhaps cutting back on the crap that I eat may help! I am a sugar lover, too!

  2. Dash says:

    ugh, sorry about your stomach. Yeah, I have to be very careful before workouts and eating light the night before. I try to eat a big lunch and I only eat a few saltine crackers in the morning. I’ve tried various sports drinks and am back to Gatorade. It’s the only one that doesn’t upset my stomach.

    I’ve also begun testing GuBrew (not sure if I told you that NUUN has an ingredient in it that is used in laxitives), and that with Roctane (the full power gatorade fuels my runs I believe, so the low cal GuBrew doesn’t give me the energy I need). I’ve done it twice now with good results, but not sure if it’s better than just saltines and Gatorade for the $. 🙂 Hope you figure it out for yourself soon!

    • racingtales says:

      I like the Camelbak berry but will be avoiding the Orange Alert from now on. Usually I’m fine with GU and had no problems during my 50K when I ate 8 GUs, including 4 Roctanes which tasted like bug spray…

  3. Lisa McClellan says:

    Have you been tested for Celiac Disease? IBS? or maybe just a wheat sensitivity?

    • racingtales says:

      Wow, I didn’t think it was that serious!

      • Lisa McClellan says:

        Have you been tested for Celiac Disease? IBS? or maybe just a wheat sensitivity? It is more common than you may think…. you could try just reducing your wheat intake and see if you feel better. Since Wheat is in just about everything it is not easy …but might be worth a trial…many people are just not meant to digest so much wheat, it can cause inflammation of the gut and in the entire body. Not saying this is what you have but it is one of many possibilities. I hope your tum feels better soon… you can always numb/warm it up it with some red wine

  4. Becca says:

    Me to! My stomach gives me huge issues on race days! Pretty annoying. I’ve noticed that gels and beans with high sugar due me in especially mixed with Gatorade. Blocks and G2 have been a lot kinder to me.

    • racingtales says:

      Thanks, Becca. At least I know I’m not alone. I’m usually ok with GU but I think I’m used to it as I’ve been eating it for years. Anything new is living dangerously!

  5. Matt S. says:

    I can’t say I have stomach problems in general, but I often get abdominal cramping during runs. Hopefully that will abate with more training. One lesson I learned the hard way that it’s not advisable to run after eating poached eggs topped with leftover barbecue ribs while nursing a hangover.

    Question – where can you buy Honey Stinger waffles in the area? I tried the bars after one of your posts and love them…I’ve gotta try the waffles.

    • racingtales says:

      Hey Matt

      That egg/bbq/hangover combo definitely does not sound advisable!
      You can get honey stinger waffles in REI…and I just wrote a review for you! 😉

      • Matt S. says:

        It’s beyond advisable, it’s downright dumb. Running off a hangover is a good thing, but coupled with other quasi-nutritional remedies is just a bad idea. Thanks for the REI tip, I need to check them out. I’m sticking with what I’m used to for DC Tri…hopefully I’ll catch up with Stuart somewhere along the way.

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