Shoe Review – New Balance Minimus Trail

This will be the shortest review in the history of shoe reviews. While I can squeeze my foot in the NB Minimus Trail, in an ugly stepsister – “It fits!” – fashion, it really doesn’t. Here’s why:

As you can see, my foot is wider than the shoe. Normally my wide feet don’t give me too many problems. I know I can’t wear Nike or Adidas shoes as those are always narrow, but I don’t generally have to order wide Brooks shoes, the brand I normally wear. But that’s because shoes stretch and flex. The NB Minimus Trail, however, has an inflexible rubbery piece that stretches across the top of the foot, just below the toes, and exactly where my feet are widest.

So I put the shoes on, hobbled around for a bit, and took them off. Fortunately, I am currently collecting shoes for Africa through the Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation, a great organization that actually sells the shoes at an affordable price in Africa and uses the funds raised to provide families with tools and know-how to farm independently. So someone in Africa who doesn’t have wide feet like me can own a new pair of shoes!

50 pairs of shoes ready to be shipped. If only I could lift the box...

I’ve been collecting shoes through my running club, SRRC. It’s been very exciting to see the shoes pile up on my doorstep. I’m still collecting, so if you’re near South Riding, VA and have used athletic shoes that still have life in them, let me know and I’ll tell you where you can drop them off.


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