A Conversation with Chung Minh

“Hello, may I speak with Alison Gittelman?”
“Oh, good, this is Chung Minh.”
“I was given your number by [person’s name] regarding [something inaudible].”
“I’m sorry, who? It’s raining really hard here and I can’t hear you very well.”
“It’s about the shoe collection.”
“Oh, right, the Shoes for Africa! Yes, I’ve started a collection through my running club; we have about 50 pairs already.”
“Good, that’s enough for one box. Now please make sure you only have shoes that are sizes 7 to 11.5 and that none are very badly worn.”
“Sure, will do.”
“I will send you some boxes.”
“No need; I already have three. I ordered them online. So I guess I’m all set. I’ll just take them to UPS once they’re filled?”
“Yes. And I’ll probably be out your way soon. I always run the Leesburg 20K.”
“Oh, that’s a great race. I’m actually in Leesburg right now! Really bad storm here! Well, thanks for calling. What did you say your name was?”
“Jay Wind.”

I hear a CLUNK as the other shoe drops. I feel like a complete idiot. I’m talking with local running legend Jay Wind. Jay has run over 130 marathons with a PR of 2:27:25 at Boston in 1980, and runs over 100 races a year. He is director of the monthly Tidal Basin 3K, the indoor PVTC track meets, and Marathon Charity Cooperation races. And I thought he was a Vietnamese guy called Chung Minh.


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