I am not a car, but I am on facebook

It takes a lot of effort to run with a jogging stroller. And I’m not even talking about the part where you’re actually pushing the thing while your kids are screaming for snacks, asking you to sing a song, telling you to run faster, or trying to get out while the ride is moving.

That’s the easy part. The hard part for me was getting everyone ready to go outside. One time I had the kids locked in, blanketed, snacks packed, and realized I was still in my pajamas. Or there was the time when I just had to go to the bathroom real quick, so put the 2-month-old in a bouncy seat but didn’t expect the 2-year-old to climb my dresser and pull it over on himself, breaking his leg. Yeah, we didn’t get a run in that day but had a nice ride in an ambulance instead.

So once you’ve managed the gargantuan task of getting the little people in the stroller, it’s nice to be able to enjoy some great weather like we had on Thursday, isn’t it? And if you happen to get lucky and the kids are content for a while, it can actually be peaceful. Maybe you’re actually able to have a zen moment.

And then some complete moron driving her car like a bat out of hell through the neighborhood starts yelling profanities at you. That’s what happened to my friend Katy yesterday. Katy was running with her two boys, ages 13 weeks and 2 years, at about 8:15 in the morning when woman-who-needs-her-license-revoked decided to harass her. When Katy got home, thankfully in one piece, she posted this on facebook:

dear nice woman:
thank you for yelling profanities at me while i was running with my 2 kids this morning. also, thank you for clarifying i am not a car. i was really confused. i am very sorry you had to put down your food to turn your wheel to get around me.
p.s. the speed limit is 25mph in our neighborhood.

Don’t you just love facebook? Katy was able to blow off some steam, share her feelings, and make us laugh at the same time! Of course she got a whole load of comments from people who had experienced similar harassment, people who wanted to try to make her feel better, and people like me who ‘helpfully’ posted words like “Moron.” I especially liked the comment, “Damn Katy, if you can’t run 25 mph then get your ass on the sidewalk!”

It feels good to share. Katy: I hope idiot woman didn’t ruin your day. I hope she felt bad about what she said and did. And next time, please get her information so I can send her a running club membership. She probably just needs to get out and run. 🙂

While we’re talking about the powers of facebook, notice that I now have a facebook page so please visit and “like” – thanks!

Have you ever been harassed while running? Have you ever run with a jogging stroller? Have your kids ever harassed you while you were pushing them in the jogger? Did you ever make them get out and run home? 😉


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One Response to I am not a car, but I am on facebook

  1. Katy says:

    Thanks Alison! So true!! Membership…. ha ha ha!

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