Pretty, Shiny Things…

The only thing I like more than a bargain is sharing a bargain with others. Swim Outlet, my go-to site for swimsuits and gear, is having a huge sale on Sporti items. Check it out.

While I prefer TYR suits (what a swim snob I’ve become), I do have a Sporti suit and will buy another if the price is right and it’s cute. Important to look good even though especially when your form sucks. There are also some nice caps…I’m thinking about getting this one:

Speaking of cute stuff, have you ever signed up for a race based on the shwag or the medal? My friend Meggan hunts down the cutest medals and signs up for those races. Medal-hunting has become a sport in itself. The race could be down a dark alley in D.C. or through a Florida swamp but, if the medal’s cute, she’s in. She also actually studies the medals. I mean, she knew my D.C. Tri medal (speaking of D.C. AND swamps…how about that swim in the Potomac?!) has “IN TRI WE TRUST” engraved on it (it’s a penny) and I’ve had that thing for over a year and didn’t notice.

I’ll bet that, had Meggan run the Shamrock half marathon back in 2006, when I first ran it, she would have noticed the typo on the medal. Can you find it?

Did you find it? Don’t scroll down until you’re done looking…

Yep, several thousand people who thought they were in VIRGINIA Beach were actually in VIRGINA Beach. Now that’s embarrassing. Especially if you say it a certain way.

If you wondering which are the best (and worst) medals of 2010 (and who doesn’t?), check out Steph’s blog. Steph ran a lot of marathons on her way to completing the 50 states challenge; 27 alone last year! Given some of the doozies-passing-off-as-medals she receives, I’m guessing she doesn’t pick races based on medal ratings…

Which are your favorite race medals? (Meggan wants to know.) Do you have any really terrible medals? Do you wear your medals? Do you pick races based on schwag or medals? Do tell!


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