Photo Finish Frames

One of the weirdest sights I ever saw was people wearing their participation medals at the park the day after the Disney World Marathon. The medal is huge and heavy (probably the biggest one I own), and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to wander around with the thing around their neck all day. Sure, I’ll wear the shirt (and did) but wearing the medal seemed a bit, well…pretentious.

Medal displayThe question is, what does one do with all those medals? My physical therapist, who is an ultra runner, has a massive curtain rod in his office displaying all his medals. Mine are crammed in a little alcove in the basement, along with my husband’s bobbleheads and various other race mementos. Kinda sad.


I do have a nicer spot for trophies and such. Of course, there’s no way I can display all my medals like this, but it would be nice to display the important ones, like those from marathons. Right now my Disney and Boston marathon medals hang over my dresser, because I can’t bring myself to relegate them to the basement. (Disney is where I first qualified for Boston.) I recently requalified for Boston at Shamrock Marathon, and so it seemed only fitting to put that medal somewhere special. The question was, where?

Then I found Photo Finish Frames. This local company sends you a beautiful, matted frame that has spaces for your race photo and medal. At just $49.95, it’s a lot less expensive than the ones you see at race expos. They even print a little card with the race name, date, and your time! Dan from Photo Finish said he would send me a free frame in exchange for my writing this product review. I did tell Dan that if it sucked I would tell everyone, because honesty is my policy. He assured me it would not suck. Then I didn’t hear from him for a while. Ha ha ha.

But the other day a BIG box appeared on my doorstep. I grabbed it and was about to hide it away before my husband could say, “another pair of running shoes?” But then I realized it was my frame, safely packaged in a lot of peanuts! I opened the box and this is what I saw:

I immediately got to work putting together my medal display. There were some instructions in the box, along with handy pictures, but I never read instructions. I did glance at the pictures. I’m a visual person. Anyway, it was easy…you just put a little adhesive tape (provided) on the back of your medal, stick it in the space, pull the ribbon through the top, and stick it to the back of the matt. Then you slide your race photo in the other side and, voila!

It really is ridiculously easy. The hardest part was taking the damn photos because I am a crap photographer and kept getting reflections from the glass. So I put the matt on top of the glass to take this picture. It also took about 25 takes to get an in-focus version of the little race card at the bottom, but I finally got it looking half-legible. If you squint just right you can read it.

So there you have it. I finally have a respectable medal display. Now I just have to decide where to put it on the wall.


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