WIN Green sport detergent

I just got back from digging around in my recycling bin. The things I do for this blog really are amazing. I actually had to stick my head in and dig around for a while, first pulling out a wine bottle, then a protein bottle and a soda bottle (not mine) before I finally found this:

WIN Green detergent bottle

A while back I was complaining to fellow runner and blogger Dorothy Beal how my workout clothes stink. Even after washing. That “athletic aroma” just wouldn’t go away. I had tried several different detergents, each one more perfumed than the next, which I wasn’t happy with because I prefer to buy environmentally-friendly products. In any case, nothing was working. So Dorothy suggested I try WIN Green. I picked up a bottle at my local running shop for $7.50. I’ve also seen it at REI and Dicks Sporting Goods.

WIN Green’s website states:
“Independent laboratory tests have shown that WIN and WIN Green are much more effective than leading detergents and specialty products for getting out sweat and odors from clothing.”

After washing my sweaty running and biking gear in WIN Green, I performed my own laboratory test in my laundry room (otherwise known as the sniff test) and discovered the WIN people were right! My workout clothes were no longer stinky. What’s amazing is that this stuff is incredibly watery and doesn’t have a fragrance at all! Since the bottle is so tiny, I combine it with regular detergent, and it’s still effective.

I am so happy that my workout clothes no longer reek to high heaven…at least until I’ve worked out in them. I do have the occasional pang of guilt when I’m enjoying my post-run extended Starbucks visit with the entire running club. No amount of coffee can cancel out the “athletic aroma” of a dozen runners. To all the non-running South Riding Starbucks patrons, my sincere apologies. We smell.


One Response to WIN Green sport detergent

  1. Leigh says:

    I love WIN!!!!

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