So let’s say you’ve taken your trail shoes on several lengthy, muddy adventures and haven’t bothered to wash them since, uh, some time last year.

Dirty trail shoes

You do not, of course, put them in the washing machine because that is a very bad thing to do to your shoes as it would destroy them. Normally you would hose them off but it’s bloody cold out and seems to be hailing and you don’t feel like standing outside. So you fill a bowl with water and give them a nice scrub with a vegetable brush. Don’t worry, I don’t use this on the veggies. Often.

Cleaning trail shoes

Once your shoes are nice and clean and you actually recognize them, it’s time to get them dry. You know not to put them in the dryer, of course, because that’s as bad as putting them in the washing machine. So what do you do? Well, you ball up newspaper and stuff them nice and good, right?

Shoes stuffed with newspaper

Then you go and touch every wall and white surface in the house and get your grubby, newspaper print handprints all over the place. Then you have to go back and remove the soggy paper and replace it with dry paper. Which you take from the Sports section. Which your husband hasn’t read yet today. Alternatively…you save yourself a lot of time, dirty walls, and angry husbands and get Stuffitts!


Stuffitts look like a little pair of feet but don’t smell anything like feet…at least not any I know. They smell like cedar, because they are stuffed with cedar chips. What’s even cooler is that the bag of cedar chips is removable so you can wash the outer layer and also get a replacement bag of cedar chips once the smell has gone. Mine probably needs replacing, but I’ve had my Stuffitts for 18 months and haven’t replaced it yet, so that’s pretty long-lasting.

Inserting Stuffitts in shoes

Hooray for Stuffitts! They fit easily in your shoes (they come in 4 sizes and 5 colors), don’t leave black print on your fingers, don’t have to be replaced halfway through the drying process, and smell lovely. They also have a strap that holds them together so they don’t get separated. I use the strap to hang them from a hook in my laundry room, so I can always find them.

Stuffitts in shoes

I leave the Stuffitts in my shoes overnight and, in the morning, they’re bone dry. And you know what, you can also use Stuffitts to freshen up a pair of stinky shoes, so they are multifunctional. Try that with newspaper!