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An Attention-Seeker with an Identity Crisis…Brooks Racer ST 5

I wanted this shoe the minute I saw a picture of its bright (but not day-glo) orange upper. But the Brooks Racer ST 5 and I had a rocky start. First of all, this shoe has a serious identity crisis. … Continue reading

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Hot Enough to Hurl

Yesterday was not a good day for a couple of the elite runners at the Twilight 4 Miler in Ashburn. I saw one elite guy walking and another curled up on the side of the road at the halfway point, … Continue reading

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Reflections and Pictures

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my four years as president of South Riding Drinking Running Club, since my tenure will be over in August. We still have the reputation of being too fast for the average runner, based on comments we get, such … Continue reading

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I Want it All…

This morning my yoga instructor came bounding into the room full of energy from her weekend at the Yoga Journal Yoga Retreat with (gasp!) Rodney Yee. I immediately thought, I want to go on a yoga retreat (with Rodney Yee, … Continue reading

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Lucky Me!

What’s big and purple and lies next to Ireland? Grape Britain! I thought I’d start this post with a joke because I figure you’re all expecting me to start with “I PR’d!!!” – which I did (as you can see by … Continue reading

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